🎂 DOG Turns 1 🎂
DOG turns 1! Memes rule the internet, and 1 year ago we democratized the internet by decentralizing the ownership of its most famous meme. On August 30th, 2021, PleasrDAO fractionalized The Doge NFT giving birth to DOG, a token representing ownership of the OG Doge meme.
To commemorate 1 year of wholesomeness, fun, dogely values and philanthropy on the blockchain, we have launched our very special birthday edition soulbound (read more here) token series for supporters who held DOG on-chain (Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, or Optimism) and/or Doge Pixels, before August 30th, 2022. This NFT is a clip from our music video titled “In Doge We Trust” which was created in collaboration with Bassjackers, pplpleasr, and cloudeatr. It not only establishes you as a respectable member of our DOG universe but also gives you the right to call yourself a Dogen!
For the whole month of September, all Doge Pixel holders can claim the full music video here.
Please connect to: Ethereum
Jumpy Doge
Skydancer Doge
Stretchy Doge
Breakdancing Doge